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Split Kit Hi Quality Drum Loops v1
drum and percussion samples
Split Kit Hi Quality Drum Loops v1
154 Splitkit HiFi acoustic drum kit samples from a Custom Ayotte 4 piece drum kit
royalty free drum samples from only$19.95
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About Proloops™ Royalty Free Loops & Samples Archive

Proloops is part of U.K. based 'Edoru Ltd' and along with BeatBasics™ and other sites, offer the creative media industry a vast array of product for all aspects of music production.
Every loop and sample has been exclusively created by professional musicians and programmers using a vast array of hi-tech & vintage equipment in our own studios.
Since our launch in 2000, Proloops has successfully provided loops & samples for many areas of the audio industry including music, post production, multimedia, & broadcast.

Throughout Proloops' history, our commitment to audio professionals & amateurs alike has remained the same: To offer unique, flexible, & wide reaching loops & samples, within a secure, friendly, & easy-to-use online environment.

We hope to continue to open up new creative horizons for all 'Proloopers' industry wide...
Thank you from Edoru Ltd
What Our Customers Have Said...
The disks arrived today, thank you.
Fantastic turn around time, I wish everyone was as prompt as you.
Richard › UK
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I am happy to say that the package arrived today in perfect condition. Thanks again.
Randy › USA
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"I am greatfull for the site. I spent a ton on sony loops and they suck compaired to those on proloops. I especially love the industrial and relevant electonica sounds. Too many other services and librarys are full of junk."
Aspersion ›; USA [ ]
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I have been playing around with Acid for some time now. This site has helped massively! Nick Menza (MEGADETH) got me into using Acid to put ideas down and the truth is, there was only the same ol' thing to use over n over n over (you get the point), so writting was a drag. Having gotten a subscription to Proloops has made things so much easier for me not to mention, I don't sound like anyone else (big plus)
Chef › USA
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"I am officially happy with the way you do business. Thanks for the great customer service.."
Ray › USA
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"...I LOVE your site. I have spend hundreds on loops from Guitar center and used maybe 5% of the audio, the rest is always junk. However, with your site, I have downloaded more than I could have imagined, and all files that I will actually use! To get this much useable content from CD's would prob take thousands of dollars. Keep up the great work!"
Jason › USA
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"Now thats grade A serivce."
Dan › USA
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"...we think that Proloops is the best thing to happen to computer music since the invention of the PC.." - "even the free loops section is awesome"
Play Music Magazine › U.K. [ ]

To download the magazine review [click here] - PDF 342k
Please note: the competition is no longer available.
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"Very easy to use and the loops cover a wide and varied musical panorama.
The website is great."
Terry L › Italy
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"You got me out of a hole when I needed a harmonica for a pitch at 1am. I think the site you have is easy to use and once I'd heard the harmonica preview, I signed up immediately and downloaded all of them as they were helpfully zipped up.
The DVD came a couple of days later and seems great from what I've seen so far, 'invaluble service' is such a cliche these days but when you have very little time in which to put a pitch together and need a decent sample, it still applies...."
Clive Loseby
Film & T.V. Composer
› UK
[ ]
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"The loops sound great and with over 10,000 to choose from--Proloops is an exceptional value!"
Jack Donaldson
Video Visions, Inc
› U.S.A
[ ]
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'I'm delighted, and thank you again for your remarkable and conscientious service.'
Craig GP › U.S.A
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'The sound quality is superb. Keep up the good work. I love it.'
Kelly C › U.S.A
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'What a great site! Really well organized and cool looking.'
Tim › U.S.A [ The Music Division ]
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'I have been enjoying using the drum loops you sent me. They are excellent!'
John S › U.S.A
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'This is a great service (compared to Sonic Foundry's pay per loop which has an awful interface). I will pass the word along about this site on the forum I participate in.'
Chris B › U.S.A
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'Oh man! This is the greatest thing I've ever seen! I will definitely come back after my three months are up! I got so sick of buying those damn ACID loop library disks...50 bucks a pop, I bought 3 disks and absolutely hated every sound on those disks! At ProLoops, I am finding every type of sound loops that I've been wanting for the past year! You are my new friend! TO hell with Sonic Foundry...Sony...whatever they're name is now! Thanks for everything!'
Justin › U.S.A
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'Looks like it was a good choice!! Man, there's some awesome drums on there.'
Jeff › U.S.A
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'A great site, a big well done there are some great sounds here and well worth the money.'
Alec › U.K.
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'Thanks for your help and your great site. ...I have used thunder drums as a feature in my latest ambient track on Acidplanet called Ice Planet Revisited (dr song). It made it to the top of the ambient charts and up to number 10 on the overall charts for a while...'
Rod › U.S.A. [ visit acid planet ]