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Split Kit Hi Quality Drum Loops v1
drum and percussion samples
Split Kit Hi Quality Drum Loops v1
154 Splitkit HiFi acoustic drum kit samples from a Custom Ayotte 4 piece drum kit
royalty free drum samples from only$19.95
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Rock Guitar Loops and Samples v1

Rock Guitar Loops and Samples v1
Item Summary
127 rock guitar samples, screaming insane whammy bar madness from Barrie Geldden and a hard rock guitar ‘song builder’ style loops set played by Andy Shortland
Audio Preview : N/A
File Size : 124.9mb
File Quantity : 127
Product Type : download
Product Price : $19.95
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More Info About This Product
Session 1: Ahh the 1980's rock scene.... the big hair, the lycra..... THE SCREAMING INSANE WHAMMY BAR MADNESS....!
51 outrageous, death defying, Earth shattering, screams, divebombs, lizards down the throat, motorbikes & general wang bar noizescapes. Guitar strings were broken during this recording!

Session 2: Hard rock guitar 'song builder' loop set played by Andy Shortland, who recently toured with the 'Whole Lotta Metal' classic rock show. All these loops were produced using a Gibson Les Paul Custom played through an Engl Ritchie Blackmore head and Marshall JCM800 4x12 cabinet. The amp was set on its High Gain Channel, with Gain 6, Bass 3, Middle 5, Treble 6, Presence 5, and no reverb or delay.
Low Quality Previews
To here the LOW QUALITY MONO MP3 previews mouse over the preview button below to play the file. To hear the actual quality of the session each update has free loops available for download. The free Flash plugin is require to play the previews. [ click here ]
Pack Contents List - Low Quality Mono Previews
g_wmy_120_27Trem tricks - rock guitar vibrato lick dive bombloop 1380k
g_wmy_120_28Trem tricks - rock guitar vibrato harmonics diveloop 691k
g_wmy_120_29Trem tricks - rock guitar vibrato lickloop 2069k
g_wmy_120_30Trem tricks - rock guitar dive bombloop 2413k
g_wmy_120_31Trem tricks - rock guitar crazy vibratoloop 1035k
g_wmy_120_32Trem tricks - rock guitar low rumble lickloop 1380k
g_wmy_120_33Trem tricks - rock guitar dive bombloop 1380k
g_wmy_120_34Trem tricks - rock guitar low rumble ascendingloop 1380k
g_wmy_120_35Trem tricks - rock guitar ascending duel harmonicsloop 691k
g_wmy_120_36Trem tricks - rock guitar ascending duel harmonicsloop 1035k
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