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Funk Guitar Loops v1
drum and percussion samples
Funk Guitar Loops v1
101 clean, funky blues guitar loops in our 'song builder' style.
royalty free drum samples from only$14.95
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Industrial Keyboard and Effects Samples v1

Industrial Keyboard and Effects Samples v1
Item Summary
A number of industrial, electronica style keyboard loop updates from the Proloops archive played on some truly classic synths including the Moog Rogue, Korg MS10 and T2000.
Audio Preview : N/A
File Size : 132.7mb
File Quantity : 216
Product Type : download
Product Price : $19.95
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More Info About This Product
Session 1: A 1978 Powertran Transcendent 2000 analog mono synth. Designed by Tim Orr (EMS, Akai) the T2000 is a quirky beast, & we love it. Our T2000 has a 6v mod to the filter & it SCREAMS. It's dirty, noisy, & unpredictable! Recorded using Amek 9098, Focusrite Red 2 & 3, Pro Tools

Session 2: Industrial electronica synth loops, sound fx and textures to create some huge breaks or some menacing atmospheres. These mighty sweeps were created using a combination of the stunning Clavia Nord Lead and Novation Supernova synths.

Session 3: Courtesy of the classic Moog Rogue. Filtered sweeps, atmospheres, and lots of modulation auto trigger.

Session 4: The Classic Korg MS-10 vintage synth. This update features phatt bass, electro bips, & phunky riffs. It's noisy, dirty, & crackles & bit, but hey, this is no 'virtual instrument'!
Low Quality Previews
To here the LOW QUALITY MONO MP3 previews mouse over the preview button below to play the file. To hear the actual quality of the session each update has free loops available for download. The free Flash plugin is require to play the previews. [ click here ]
Pack Contents List - Low Quality Mono Previews
s_xp_115_03Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 115721k
s_xp_115_04Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 1151440k
s_xp_115_05Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 1152878k
s_xp_115_06Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 1151440k
s_xp_115_07Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 1151440k
s_xp_115_08Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 115721k
s_xp_115_09Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 1151440k
s_xp_115_10Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 115721k
s_xp_130_01Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 1301274k
s_xp_130_02Industrial electronica - xperimental synth fxloop 130638k
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