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Lo Fi Kit Drum Loops and Samples v2
drum and percussion samples
Lo Fi Kit Drum Loops and Samples v2
121 loop collection of banging 'mid fi' acoustic drum samples and more 'garage band style' gritty acoustic drum loops
royalty free drum samples from only$14.95
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Industrial Metal Drum Loops v1

Industrial Metal Drum Loops v1
Item Summary
A mix of 164 drum loops from the Proloops archive covering dirty industrial, speed metal and heavy rock drum sessions at various tempos.
Audio Preview : N/A
File Size : 57.7mb
File Quantity : 164
Product Type : download
Product Price : $19.95
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More Info About This Product
Session 1: Mutated & mutilated, twisted & tortured... distorted indusrial loops & samples should that carry a health warning!
Session 2: Speed metal drum loops with double kicks played at a furious 160bpm by Proloops Contributor Rich from The Loft.
Session 3: Programmed heavy metal samples with double kick drums at 86bpm.
Session 4: More heavy rock / power punk kit loops played by Rich from The Loft. Hard hitting drum loops at 114bpm.
Low Quality Previews
To here the LOW QUALITY MONO MP3 previews mouse over the preview button below to play the file. To hear the actual quality of the session each update has free loops available for download. The free Flash plugin is require to play the previews. [ click here ]
Pack Contents List - Low Quality Mono Previews
break_a4Speed metal breaks 0808 - pattern A4loop 114546k
break_a5Speed metal breaks 0808 - pattern A5loop 114546k
break_a_fill1Speed metal breaks 0808 - fill 1loop 114546k
break_a_fill2Speed metal breaks 0808 - fill 2loop 114546k
break_a_outro_fillSpeed metal breaks 0808 - outroloop 1141634k
halftime_break_b1Speed metal breaks 0808 - half time break B1loop 114546k
halftime_break_b10Speed metal breaks 0808 - half time break B10loop 114546k
halftime_break_b11Speed metal breaks 0808 - half time break B11loop 114546k
halftime_break_b12Speed metal breaks 0808 - half time break B12loop 114546k
halftime_break_b13Speed metal breaks 0808 - half time break B13loop 114546k
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