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Lo Fi Kit Drum Loops and Samples v2
drum and percussion samples
Lo Fi Kit Drum Loops and Samples v2
121 loop collection of banging 'mid fi' acoustic drum samples and more 'garage band style' gritty acoustic drum loops
royalty free drum samples from only$14.95
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Lo Fi Kit Drum Loops and Samples v1

Lo Fi Kit Drum Loops and Samples v1
Item Summary
110 LoFi drum kit loops in various time signatures and grooves. Swung, indie, straight, grunge, 6/8, 12/8 and 4/4. Real, grungy and with lots of character.
Audio Preview : N/A
File Size : 60.9mb
File Quantity : 110
Product Type : download
Product Price : $14.95
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More Info About This Product
Session 1 : Sashimi kit, we dug a battered old 'Thunder' drum kit out of the attic, used the cheapest mic's we had and the compression is from a Boss pedal.
Then we recorded the thing in mono too. All super Lofi and well grungy? The grooves are stiff and you will hear edits - Lo-Fi-tastic!

Session 2: Tub thumping, loose acoustic drum loops in 6/8, 12/8 and good old 4/4 time. Easy going tempos but solid tub thumping throughout. If you like alternative/indie music or solid rock, these are the drums for you.

Session 3: Easy now, slow 6/8 and smooth lofi drum loops in various grooves & styles.
Low Quality Previews
To here the LOW QUALITY MONO MP3 previews mouse over the preview button below to play the file. To hear the actual quality of the session each update has free loops available for download. The free Flash plugin is require to play the previews. [ click here ]
Pack Contents List - Low Quality Mono Previews
d_sk_120_12Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - stiff hatsloop 120346k
d_sk_120_13Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - rideloop 120346k
d_sk_120_14Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - rideloop 120346k
d_sk_120_15Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - just rideloop 120346k
d_sk_120_25Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - ride half timeloop 120346k
d_sk_120_26Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - hats half timeloop 120346k
d_sk_120_27Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - hats half timeloop 120346k
d_sk_120_28Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - just hatsloop 120346k
d_sk_120_29Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - just hats grabbedloop 120346k
d_sk_120_30Lo-Fi raw kit breaks - loose hats & snareloop 120346k
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